Makita 9 inch Grinder 240V GA9020S

Are you looking for an angle grinder that can help you make your job easier? Makita GA9020S had made my job easier. Makita GA9020S 240V 9-inch/230mm Angle Grinder comes and boasts its soft start feature which is a big factor since you can pace with the tool and not get shocked from the usual angle grinder start up. It gently builds speed giving you enough time to be ready to use the tool.

Makita GA9020S will help you get through any piece of slab like slicing butter. Hiring a block splitter can be a bit pricey when asking them to do a slanted or curved job. They only usually cut in a straight direction. If you have a bent pathway or you are cutting blocks to fit the corners. This tool will be your best friend. You do not have to hire a block splitter since Makita GA9020S can do the job for you. You can get the angle and curve you want your slab to be shaped. You can cut through masonry walls without any problems. It is also heavy duty at the same time.

Makita GA9020S has a zig-zag anti-dust varnish that seals the motor from any debris by creating channels prohibiting contamination. Aside from being anti-dust, it also is heavy duty and it has an alternative power source that can either be powered AC and DC.

Some people may see Makita GA9020S quite heavy, but the heaviness allows you to control the angle grinder into a specific angle of position. It can be heavy on your first try but once you use it, you would not notice the heaviness anymore. It gives you the absorbing grip you need to get the exact look or size of what you are doing and at the same time, it will give you the comfortable grip you need.

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