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One of the most powerful tools out there that you should be aware of is angle grinders. It may be loud and dangerous but it gets the job done. If you are not familiar with angle grinders, let us help you shed some light about this powerful tool.

An angle grinder, also known as the side grinder or disc grinder, is a hand-held tool used for polishing, grinding or cutting. Angle grinders can be powered by compressed air, batteries, electricity and petrol engine.

Here are some of the basic functions of this powerful tool:

Angle grinders can be used as an alternative to sanding. All you have to do is use the flexible packing pad that can be fitted to your grinder.

Angle grinders can be used for cleaning. Just attach a wire wheel or brush unto the angle grinder and you can remove paint and even rusts from the areas you want clean.

Angle grinders is mostly known for cutting and grinding. It can mainly cut and grind metals. If you want to cut other hard materials, like brick, all you have to do is use diamond discs to do the job for you.It can be conveniently used most especially if you are cutting some new tiles to fit around your existing toilet.

Angle grinders can be used to carve and shape wood and sculptures. It is a very useful tool not just for handyman but also for artists. You can sculpt your artworks easily using the angle grinder but it will take some time for you to master how to use it on sculpting since it angle grinders be dangerous if not handled properly. It can swiftly remove rough edges and at the same time add some texture to your work.

Angle grinders will help you with repointing and bricks. As mentioned above, all you have to do is use a diamond mortar rake and do the job for you.

There are certain discs that you can use for certain jobs. Here is the list of common discs you can use on your angle grinder:

Wire Brush Wheels – made with steel bristles. It can be used to remove paint and rust from metals.

Abrasive Grinding Discs – the disc is made of a rough and abrasive compound that can be used to grind or cut.

Sanding Discs – also made from rough materials that can smoothen textured areas.

Cut Off Discs/ Diamond Blades – can be used to grind or cut harder materials.

Polishing Pads – from the word itself, polishing pads can help you polish almost like sanding discs.

There are also cordless angle grinders that you can try. It makes angle grinders more portable that it already is. Cordless angle grinders are better used in areas where power is not available but if you have the extra budget, it would not hurt to splurge on a tool that you can use for a long time!

Angle grinders can be dangerous if not handled properly but with the right hands, it can help make your job simpler and easier.

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