Makita BMR050 Radio Review


  • AM/FM digital tuning
  • Speaker positioned in front for clear sound transmission to users
  • Preset buttons
  • Large size front speaker produces high-quality sound
  • Ergonomic soft grip
  • Illuminance of 1,600 lx or more
  • LCD digital display
  • 6 position pivoting light head with positive stop at: -60°, – 30°, 0, +30°, +60° & +90°
  • Powered by 14.4/18v lithium-ion batteries
  • 3-stage battery fuel gauge
  • Volume levels

Makita BMR050Z Jobsite Radio is four times smaller than other plug-and-play types. Given its weight and size, the radio features a built-in fixed antenna, so you can tune into any of the unit’s AM/FM frequencies and enjoy your music, sports news, comedy, children’s, entertainment programming, traffic and weather information without any sound interference.

Makita Jobsite Radios has 3 selectable background colours Teal, Black & White colour combination.


  • LCD display is gorgeous
  • Pre-set and scan tuning is intuitive and simple to operate
  • Adjustable Flashlight is a great addition


  • Not compatible with the Makita 4.0Ah(BL1840) or 5.0Ah(BL1850) batteries
  • No Bluetooth “in” function

When shopping for a jobsite radio, what are some of the first things you look for? Perhaps it’s the sound quality, affordability and other built-in functions that are useful like BMR050Z’s 1.4W triple LED pivoting flashlight. This is an valuable feature that you should keep in mind while shopping for a radio, but would you ever consider buying a one with a built-in flashlight on the front of it?

The manufacturer and designer of this jobsite radio model is hoping the answer to this question is a resounding yes, considering that Makita boasts of this product as very ingenious and handy with this feature. So, while it still works like a traditional radio, the fact that it also has an integrated 6 position pivoting light head firmly plants this beast on a level that speaks of very high quality in character, function or style.
While I may be quick to say yes, I bought my own BMR050Z jobsite radio and took it for a spin over the course of a few weeks at my workplace to determine if this jobsite radio model is indisputably the smartest choice.

Granted this jobsite radio model doesn’t come without a few quibbles, but before we get into those, let’s talk about what it does. Obviously, my radio allowed me to connect to the outside world while I work in a remote area. It keeps me updated with the latest news, keeps me entertained. The best thing about this radio is that it can serve me in times of emergencies like when power is out, or I get stranded in a storm. Its built-in triple LED pivoting flashlight is compact and lightweight for storage and transport. Not only is it perfect for the workplace, but it can also be useful at home, car and emergency kits. Illuminance of 1,600 lx or more makes it great to use as task or flash light. It’s also equipped with a handle for carrying or attaching to walls, ceilings, or backpacks.

Light and Compact
Jobsite Radios shouldn’t be heavy and bulky. Makita BMR050Z weighs only 0.63 kg., so you will surely appreciate how easy it is to carry to the work place and lift up to the back of your car or truck at the end of the long day.

Small But Has Great Sound
With 10 channel preset FM/AM radio tuner this Makita BMR050Z will entertain you with a variety of music option which you’ll enjoy and easily hear from across the jobsite.

Get more bang for your buck when shopping for a jobsite radio. Choose one that’s perfect to use for all seasons.

Makita BMR050 Radio Review
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