Makita DMR106 Jobsite Radio Review

I live in Birmingham and love DAB radios. I decided that I’d get the MAKITA DMR106 JOBSITE RADIO that I would bring with me to work. It’s a nice AM/FM radio.

Makita has been manufacturing job site radios for ages, and I would say that they’ve done them well. I have seen many people carrying blue, white or black boom boxes on work sites which mean that Makita job site radios are a popular pick for many workers who want to enjoy their favourite tunes even at work. The radio works with Makita’s battery packs.

Makita actually released two versions of the DMR106. You can get the standard blue and black coloured case or the latest version in all black casing.

DMR106 job site radio is a slightly upgraded version of the previous offerings.

Let’s take a look at what’s new and exciting about Makita DMR106;

Initially, when you check out the item, the Makita DMR106 looks similar to the DMR104. The only difference is that this model is equipped with larger speakers for more sound output giving you 3.5W per channel, if you are utilising 18v batteries plus it has an antenna to pick up the radio waves better. The appearance is still elegant and the casing, durable and strong.

However, if you are not careful, you might accidentally break the antenna off, especially when you’re lugging your jobsite radio around with your tool boxes. But with the other version, Makita has taken this vulnerability into account by making the antenna on the DMR106 model foldable and retractable, to protect it from breaking caused by bashes and knocks which usually occurs in transit.

Of course, like the other jobsite radio models from Makita, DMR106 is intended to take bumps and knocks well with the elastomeric bumpers attached on all corners of the radio. Another great feature of this model is that, it is water and dust resistant making it a perfect radio to carry on the job site.

Makita DMR106 Sound Quality

My DMR106W DAB Jobsite Radio allows me listening pleasure whether I switch to AM/FM stations. What I love about this radio is its good audio that packs a punch in terms of loudness.  For job site radios to be good they have to go beyond its ability to reproduce audio that sounds good without any distortion like when you play back audio; the track produces loud and soft points that’s layered and fluctuate in frequency and intensity over time.

Before purchasing a jobsite radio, it is also good to know the two main factors to take into account when you assess the audio. Evaluate loudness and sound quality.  Loudness is important because a jobsite radio should produce sound that is audible even in a noisy environment without driving its speakers into distortion when played loud.

Great Features

  • Powerful Output
  • Forceful Dab Radio
  • Aux Plug Socket For IPod Or Mp3 Player
  • Wide Choice Of Channels
  • Stereo Speakers for full sound performance
  • Water Resistant To Ipx4
  • Durable Moulded Abs Casing
  • Anti-Shock Loud Speaker System
  • Illuminated Large LCD Display
  • Manual/Preset/Scan tuning Rotary tuning and volume control
  • AM/FM-stereo PLL Synthesized
  • 5 preset stations each band Adjustable sleep (auto shut off) timer
  • Time and 2 alarm timers (radio and HWS buzzer) with snooze
  • Rugged, light and compact design with protective bumpers and metal pipes to shield against rough handling
  • Weighs 10.4 lbs with battery
  • Powered by both Makita battery pack and supplied power adaptor
  • 16-hour runtime with 18V LXT battery and 8 hours with 18V compact
  • Product Dimension: 11″ L x 11-7/8″ H x 6-3/8″ W

It weighs 4 kg but portable, so you can carry it anywhere in your workplace or even at home while gardening, for your outdoor leisure or while at the beach. I have read and heard a lot of good things about this radio, so I finally decided to buy the MAKITA DMR106 DAB Jobsite Radio. It’s perfect to use in the jobsite, because of its durability. I can even just toss it into my large tool box or just leave on the bed of my truck at the end of the day. It isn’t something that you need to baby, as it is designed for rough conditions and use.

Makita DMR106 Jobsite Radio Review
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