Makita DMR107 Job Site Radio Review

The Makita DMR107 Jobsite Radio comes complete with AC power adaptor and can be charged from your power tool batteries or plug it directly from the mains power outlet. This model is also compatible with Makita 10.8v CXT ‘Slide’ type batteries.

What I like with this model is the way it’s designed for the workplace. It’s equipped with rubber bumpers on all its four corners, so the radio can well cope up with rough handling in the workplace, as well as, the working environment with its sturdy protection frame. DMR107 also has a powerful sound, so no matter the noise in the workplace, I can still hear my favourite tunes.

Makita has truly enhanced their latest jobsite radio models; this one has a twin 76mm speakers and forceful amplifier. I would say that this is the best jobsite radio I have ever seen and tried. I just love its amazing sound quality plus it also has a charger for my Makita power tool batteries. How useful is that? With this feature, I don’t have to be concerned of my tools running out of power in the middle of a task and not being able to charge them. This element is actually a huge advantage, especially for those that work away from the main outlet. I can also charge my Smartphone via USB plug-in. You can also use it to charge your Smartphone through the DC outlet or via USB plug-in. Play music from your phone or USB by connecting the device into the AUX-in ports.

Makita DMR107 Key Specifications

  • Battery Range: 7.2 – 18 v
  • Speakers: 2x89mm
  • Frequency Range: FM 87.5 – 108 MHz
  • Frequency Range: AM 522 – 1629 kHz
  • Power Supply: AC Power Adaptor
  • Power Supply: DC 7.2v – 18v Battery (Excluding Makita ‘G’ Batteries)
  • Speakers: 2 x 76mmØ (8Ω)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 281 x 164 x 302 mm
  • Net Weight: 4.2kg


  • Works with all Makita Li-ion batteries including G-batteries
  • Rough handling protection with Elastomer bumpers
  • USB port on front allows for charging mobile device
  • Pair your USB device for audio streaming

Additional Features:

  • Dual Power Sources, battery or AC mains powered
  • 2 speaker stereo system
  • Flexible antenna can be removed and stored inside the radio
  • Digital quartz display
  • Auto-scan and clock set button
  • Headphone jack
  • 2x AUX-IN ports (front and inside rear) for iPods, MP3 and CD players
  • AC adapter jack
  • Timer set button
  • Sound volume and manual tuning button
  • Digital quartz display with backlight
  • Power on-off and off-timer button
  • Front control panel FM/AM band selection and mono-stereo change button
  • Carry handle with soft grip swivels 90°
  • IP64 rated dust and shower-proof construction

Let me present to you some pros and cons;


  • Superior sound
  • Durable
  • Built-in charger
  • Lightweight

Annoying how you have to play music through AUX input. I want to try and grab a Bluetooth add-on connector and see if it works instead of playing music through the AUX port.
Makita Jobsite Radio has 3 selectable background colours Teal, Black & White colour combination.
This Makita Jobsite Radio is backed by Makita’s 3-Year Warranty which covers repair due to defective materials or workmanship and 1-year warranty on the batteries and charger from the date of purchase.
Standard equipment and specifications may differ by country or area.

Makita DMR107 Job Site Radio Review
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