Makita DMR108 Jobsite Radio Review

This top of the range radio made by Makita is by far one of the coolest looking jobsite radios I have ever seen. It looks excellently robust, and Makita DMR 108 has Bluetooth connectivity as well. This model not only works with Bluetooth connectivity but also has AM/FM with coverage from 88-108 FM and 522–1620 kHz AM. The DMR series is Makita’s most popular jobsite radio model, with a contemporary design.

If you are planning to get yourself a jobsite radio, it pays to know which Makita model would best work for you according to your preferences. To help you decide, read on some of these jobsite radios purchasing guide;

I believe that making a bit of research online would make it easier for you to determine who makes the best jobsite radio? Sometimes brand doesn’t matter for some people. Buying a jobsite radio can be a tough task, especially when you are presented with different models from different brands, making it somewhat confusing to pick the one that you really like. Well, this one comes down to personal preferences; it’ll just be a matter of discovering one that suits you and your budget.

Picking the Right Jobsite Radio
There are several sites of reputable brands and manufacturers of site radios around, all made with an array of features, abilities and benefits. So how do you know which one is best for you?

Check Out The Features:
It may be confusing which feature would make a jobsite radio the perfect buy since technology revolution today is in full swing, new gadget features keep being added to the market all the time.

Here’s A Breakdown of What Qualities to Look Out For In a Jobsite Radio:

Invest in a jobsite radio that can charge your power tool batteries, but you have to make sure that your power tools are from the same brand as the radio that you are going to buy.

AUX-in Jobsite Radio
Most brands and models of jobsite radios come with aux in socket that will allow you to attach an audio playing device via an AUX cable so that you can play any of your favourite tunes.

Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB)
DAB Jobsite Radios allows users to access over a hundred Digital FM/AM radio stations, so you get clearer sound without any hisses and crackles.

Bluetooth Connectivity
Radios with Bluetooth capability allow you to play music from your collection or those coming from a massive variety of apps such as Spotify from any Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as your Smart phone, tablet or personal computer.

So you can access AM and FM stations for you listening pleasure.

Makita DMR108 Jobsite Radio Features:

  • IP64 rated dust and shower-proof construction
  • Foldable antenna
  • Soft grip carry handle swivels 90 degrees
  • Elastomer bumpers for rough handling protection
  • Bluetooth capable
  • Enables you to wirelessly hook up your mobile device for playing music with a range up to 10m
  • 2 speaker stereo system
  • AUX-IN jack allows for connection to personal audio players
  • Newly compatible with 10.8V CXT slide batteries
  • AC adaptor jack
  • Digital display
  • USB port allows for charging mobile device

Makita Jobsite DAB Radio is four times smaller than other plug-and-play types. Given its weight and size, the radio features a built-in fixed antenna, so you can tune into any of the unit’s AM/FM frequencies and enjoy your music, sports news, comedy, children’s, entertainment programming, traffic and weather information without any sound interference.

Makita Jobsite Radio has 3 selectable background colours Teal, Black & White colour combination.

Makita Jobsite Radios are backed by Makita’s 3-Year Warranty which covers repair due to defective materials or workmanship and 1-year warranty on the batteries and charger from the date of purchase.

Makita DMR108 Jobsite Radio Review
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